Tuesday, March 5, 2013

'You can't rely on the police' Oscar Pistorius' father

On Sunday, Henke Pistorius came out and blamed the ANC government for failing to protect white families while also revealing that he and other members of the family owned a total of 55 guns to protect them from criminals.
"Some of the guns are for hunting and some are for protection. It speaks to the ANC government, look at white crime levels, why protection is so poor in this country, it's an aspect of our society," he told the Telegraph.
"You can't rely on the police, not because they are inefficient always but because crime is so rife."
In response, Arnold Pistorius, who is Henke's brother and Oscar's uncle said in a statement: "Oscar Pistorius' family is deeply concerned about the comments made by Oscar's father, Henke Pistorius, to the Telegraph about the family using its weapons to defend themselves against crime in South Africa, and especially about his comments that the ANC government is not willing to protect white South Africans," he said.

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