Monday, April 14, 2014

Senator Bukola Saraki on Nyanya Bomb Blast

Yet again, we are faced with another great loss of innocent lives at the hands of terrorists in Nigeria. It’s baffling and heart breaking that scores have been feared dead on a Monday morning attack in Nyanya overhead bridge in the outskirt of Abuja; the growing insecurity which has spanned over 3 years unabated has threatened the unity of the nation, and weaken our socio-economic and political strength. It is unfortunate that in the face of this growing insurgencies, the Federal Government has been unable to overcome the challenge and provide adequate and holistic approach to security for the lives and properties of Nigerians?

Beyond usual promises and consolations to the masses, the Federal Government should improvise and adopt advanced security measures and counter terrorism strategies that can provide adequate security in the nation. There is an urgent need for Political cooperation across the board. I call on Mr President to call a joint meeting of leaders from all political divides , religious and opinion leaders to deliberate on the nation’s security plight. Enough of rhetorics and workshop or summit on security matter. What we need now is action and commitment. It is my believe that for the sake of the innocent lives our political resolve must be as strong as the military option.

I sympathize with the families of those affected and pray Almighty Allah comfort them.

Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki

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