Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Violence Erupts In Ogun Assembly As Speaker Is Suspended

This followed the suspension of four members of the Assembly – Remi Hazzan, Adijat Oladapo, Job Akintan and John Obafemi – by the Assembly leadership over the composition of the membership of the Assembly’s Tender Board which has been a subject of controversy among the lawmakers.
But in their response the four members and 10 others sympathetic to their cause announced the suspension of the Speaker, Mr. Adekunbi, his deputy, Mr. Tola Banjo and another member simply identified as Oluomo.
They alleged high handedness by the Speaker, accusing him of an attempt to impose his cronies on the lawmakers over the membership of the Assembly’s Tenders Board, and fraud in the award of contracts in the Assembly. The disagreement resulted in fisticuffs and the mace was destroyed in the process.

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