Thursday, December 12, 2013

God Used Obasanjo To Make Jonathan President, By His Grace He Will Also Use Him To Remove Him- FFK

You have read the former president's letter to the current one. You have also read what one of his aides, Reuben Abati said. Now read what Uncle Fani Kayode has to say.

“OBJ has finally closed GEJ’s chapter with his letter. Jonathan is finished- mark my words. Abati should shut up and let his boss speak for himself on this one. The Ebora Owu has spoken and the issues that he has raised are too serious to be ignored or to be responded to with amateurish and cheeky insults and slurs from a mere staff of the Presidency. The President should find the courage to personally answer the charges and address the message rather than get his aides to attack the messenger. As Baba said, Jonathan is “bleeding Nigeria to death”. It is time for change.
God used Obasanjo to put Jonathan in power and, by His grace, He will use that same Obasanjo to remove him.”

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