Monday, January 20, 2014

Nigerian Celebrities Oppress Us Instead Of Inspiring Us! Take A Cue From Lupita Nyong - Open Letter

I was surfing online watching thrillers of 12 years a slave and I saw a Kenyan lady transform from just an ordinary girl to an international celebrity, in the midst of all the people she had always admired and lending her voice. This tells me that success is not about where you come from or the people you know but the amount of hardwork you put to whatever you do. A lot of Nigerian actors are always about the new hair they just made, the latest car,Chanel bag etc.

Not trying to make themselves better or even challenging themselves physically and mentally. I did a little research on this lady and I discovered she was the lady in Shuga that was shot in Kenya and after Shuga, she still went to study more on her craft spending 3years in Yale school of drama.  A lot of our actors feel they know it all and are not interested in learning more.

I get irritated seeing what our celebrities are turning into. They don't inspire us rather they oppress us,  making our young girls think desperately on how to buy a channel bag  rather than how to make the best out of their lives.

Please take a cue from this young lady she is only 31 and she is an inspiration to people that aspire to be an actor.

Akin Bakare

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Will they listen? Noooo