Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'The Malaysian government are murderers': Relatives of the crash victims of flight MH370

Fury: Relatives of the passengers on board missing flight MH370 stage a protest outside the Malaysian embassy in Beijing today
Relatives of the passengers killed on board missing flight MH370 today staged furious protests after receiving the news that there were no survivors on board the Malaysian Airlines plane.
Chinese family members tried to storm the Malaysian embassy in Beijing as they expressed their fury at what they see as the bungled investigation into the flight's whereabouts.
The chief executive of Malaysia Airlines today refused to say whether or not he would resign in the wake of the failure to find the flight, one day after a text was sent to the passengers' families informing them that the plane was almost certainly lost..
They chanted slogans including 'Return our relatives' and 'The Malaysian government are murderers', while fights broke out as security guards tried to stop the demonstrators from talking to reporters.
Some protesters threw water bottles at the building and tried to storm the embassy as they demanded a meeting with the Malaysian ambassador.
They held signs that said 'MH370, Don't let us wait too long!' and '1.3 billion people are waiting to greet the plane'.
The grieving relatives also wore matching T-shirts that read: 'Best of luck to MH370, return home safely.'...see more pics after cut....

    Crowd: The relatives marched on the embassy carrying placards expressing their anger
    Comforted: A relative of a passenger is consoled by two other protesters at the embassy demonstration
    Restrained: A relative being held back by other people at the demonstration
    Clothes: Many of the protesters wore matching T-shirts calling for the safe return of flight MH370

    Signs: The protesting relatives held signs accusing the Malaysian government of wrongdoing
    Speech: A leader of the protesters addresses them through a loudspeaker as they rest on the ground
    March: Relatives have focussed their anger on Malaysia Airlines and the Malaysian government
    Distraught: A woman weeps as she joins the crowd massed outside the embassy in Beijing
    Shouts: A family member gesticulates out of the window and yells on his way to the embassy protest
    Security: One of the relatives walks past a line of soldiers on the streets near the embassy in Beijing
    Assistance: A medical team helped one protester who was apparently taken ill
    Confrontation: Guards fighting with the crowd of protesters during the demonstration
    Restictions: Police repeatedly held back the protesters to stop them speaking to journalists
    Demands: The families say they have not been given enough answers about their loved ones' fate
    Emotions: The angry protesters have been comforting each other through their ordeal

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